Great Beer Starts Here

It all starts with the malt. Fresh malt is the main ingredient for successful beer making. Missouri Malt supplies premier malts and grains for beginning and experienced home brewers, homebrew clubs, as well as commercial craft brewers, craft distillers and homebrew shops. We guarantee the freshness of our malts and grains. We offer and distribute a wide selection of premier malts and grains from the US, Canada, England, Scotland, France, Belgium and Germany as well as locally-grown grains. Missouri Malt provides malt packed in 50 lb and 55 lb (25 kg) sacks in order to offer you the best price. Select stocked base malts are also offered in quarter and half sacks, 5 Lbs and 1 lb sizes. Specialty malts, including caramel/crystal, roasted, unmalted, and flaked grains are offered in 5 and 1 lbs resealable bags.

We are the exclusive distributor of Illinois grown Alhambra Brand unmalted, soft red winter wheat and Alhambra Brand golden corn. The quality of our malts ensures that your hand crafted batches will exceed expectations. Check out our price sheets.

Premium Hops

Only the freshest ingredients make the best beer. Our hops are vacuum packed in oxygen-barrier Mylar bags and stored at -20 degrees Celsius. You can be sure these hops are fragrant, full of flavor and brew- ready. Our extensive hop selection includes the traditional hops from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, the UK, as well as established and new US hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest and from Michigan. We offer our hops in 1, 4, 8 and 16 oz. packages. Check out our price sheet and select the hops for your next perfect beer.

About MO Malt

Serving all home brewers and craft brewers.

To our growing network of local brewers we offer great pricing and maintain a fresh supply of malts, yeast and hops. We carry the latest in brewing equipment and supplies, grain mills, kegs, Real Ale casks, draft dispensing equipment (including draft boxes), whiskey barrels and much more. All-grain brewing is our specialty.