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Our Products

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Missouri Malt Supply inventories a full range of brewer’s and specialty malts from from Canada Malting, Great Western Malting and Briess Malting & Ingredients Co., including 2-Row Brewer’s Malts, Wheat, Munich, Vienna and Crystal as well as a range of USDA – certified organic malts.

In addition to our domestic malts, we distribute a wide range of exclusively imported malts from Bairds Malt and Thomas Fawcett & Sons (both UK based), Malteries Franco-Belges (France) and Best Malz (Germany). We also distribute malts from Gambrinus Malting (Canada) from our Midwest and Eastern warehouse locations.

Our malts are available in 50 – 55 pound bags (depending on the supplier). Many of our malts are also available in larger package sizes, including half ton and one ton bulk bags. Bulk quantities, from full truckload to railcar are also available.

We also carry a range of distiller’s malts, including a genuine Scottish distiller’s malt. These products are perfect for craft distillers who are in need of higher diastatic power and greater yeast-nutritional capability than typical brewer’s malt can deliver.

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