Frequently Asked Questions



Will my personal information be used for any purposes other than for Missouri Malt Supply, LLC?

We are committed to respecting your privacy and recognizing your need for appropriate protection of contact information you share with us. We use your contact information for internal purposes only, such as: Confirming and tracking your order, and contacting you if there are questions on your order. At times, we may send you special offers! Be assured, we will never sell your contact information to an outside source and strive to make our Website as secure as possible.

What if I want something that is out of stock?

With Missouri Malt Supply being a rapidly growing company, there is going to be a learning curve with regard to how much inventory is the right amount of inventory to keep on hand. Therefore, we are hoping if an item is out of stock, you will send us an email with your request. It is our hope that we can provide you with your desired product in a timely manner. Thanks for your patience, and we hope our learning curve doesn’t take too long ;)

What if the product I ordered is defective?

We do quality checks of our merchandise to ensure no defective merchandise is shipped. If something is missed and shipped to you, we will replace the defective item with the same product originally purchased.

How long will it take for an item to be shipped?

This does depend on location and size of order. All Items will be shipped as soon as possible via Priority Mail or UPS if order is in stock. Please contact us via email if it is important for your order to be rushed and we will do what we can to ensure quick delivery.

If I have a complaint, how should I contact Missouri Malt Supply?

We would love to directly hear from you via email or by phone (___) ________. Missouri Malt Supply wants to adapt and make our business the best it can possibly be. We strive for you to have a positive experience and for us to continually have a great reputation. We want 100% customer satisfaction. So please let us know if we need to do something better, or if you have a concern…or if you are just so happy with your product that you want to let us know that too!